Are you a D-BAG? Take this Quiz & Find Out Now! [QUIZ]

Are you a good person or are you an annoying person that people don't like?

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  1. 1 You hold the doors for the elderly who clearly need help.

    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE
  2. 2 If someone has their hands full and coming to the door that you're walking out of, do you hold it for them?

    1. YES I DO
    2. NOPE
  3. 3 You see an iphone on the ground at the park and no one is around... what do you do?

    1. Leave It there.
    2. I take it and run for the hills!
    3. I pick it up and wait for someone to come back.
    4. I pick it up and give it to the park ranger.
  4. 4 Do you wear your collar on your shirt up or down?

    1. Up
    2. Down
  5. 5 Do you take a lot of selfies with the puffy lips out?

    1. YES I DO
    2. NO I DO NOT
  6. 6 Do you have more than 10 pics in your Facebook profile of you drinking/partying?

    1. YES... I have WAY more than 10!
    2. NO... I party in private!
    3. NO... and I don't party a lot.
    4. YES... but not many more than 10.
  7. 7 Do you wear sunglasses at night?

    1. YES... because I'm cool.
    2. NO.... I'm not that insecure.
    3. Yeah, but it hides my drunk-eyes.
    4. Yes, but I have a medical condition.
  8. 8 Do you name drop often?

    1. YES, I wan't people to know who I know.
    2. NOPE
  9. 9 Do you troll your friend's facebook profiles looking for a hook up?

    1. NO
    2. OF COURSE... I need some action now!
  10. 10 Do you lie to hook up?

    1. Absolutely... anything to get them into bed.
    2. NO, don't need to.
    3. Yes, but only a little bit.
    4. No... I try to be as honest as I can.
  11. 11 Do you pre-judge someone based on their race or income levels?

    1. Not at all.
    2. Yep... on both!
    3. Yep... on race... don't care about their income.
    4. Yep... on income... don't care about race.
  12. 12 During conversations, do you interrupt people a lot?

    1. Yes, I'm smarter than them anyways.
    2. A little bit but I'm working on it.
    3. No, not at all.
    4. Interrupt? I don't even listen to them!
  13. 13 Do you purposely post endings or spoiler-alerts about TV Shows or movies?

    1. Yes... it's funny as hell.
    2. Yeah, sometimes.
    3. No... that's cruel.
    4. No, but I thought about doing it.
  14. 14 Have you completely ignored someone after hooking up with them?

    1. No, I always at least text them.
    2. No, never.
    3. Of course... NEXT!
    4. Not really... if we both knew it was just a 1 time hook-up.
  15. 15 They have just 1 item left at the store and your friend wants it bad and you're by yourself at the store... do you:

    1. Buy it for them.
    2. Buy it for myself. Sorry friend... you're too slow!
    3. Hide it from them at the store.
    4. I would buy it for them if it wasn't too expensive.
  16. 16 Someone cuts you off in traffic... what do you do?

    1. Scream out the window at them.
    2. Drive like a maniac to let them know how pissed I am.
    3. Follow them to their destination.
    4. Just let it be and move on.
  17. 17 What is the #1 trait that would look for in a spouse or significant other?

    1. Has Big Money.
    2. Awesome Body.
    3. Great Personality.
    4. A genuinely nice and sweet person.
  18. 18 Do you act very differently when you're around your friends with your significant other?

    1. YES
    2. NO
  19. 19 Choose One that best fits what you strive for and is the most important to you.

    1. Money
    2. Sex
    3. Happiness
    4. Stability
  20. 20 You're single... your friend likes someone who you aren't interested in but you know you could hook up with... what do you do?

    1. Nothing... I leave it be.
    2. I would bang the hell out of 'em.
    3. I would be completely honest with my friend and let them know the person likes me.
    4. I would help my friend out with trying to get a date with them.
  21. 21 Do people think you're a jerk?

    1. No, most people I think like me.
    2. Yep... and I love it! F them.
    3. I don't care what people think of me.
    4. I try to be the best person I can be, I hope everyone likes me.
  22. 22 Are you honest all of the time?

    1. No, I lie a lot.
    2. Yes... people call me "Honest Abe."
    3. I try to be honest as much as possible.
    4. I don't lie much... some little "white lies" here and there, nothing big.
  23. 23 Someone just told you a family member died and they are clearly upset about it... what do you do?

    1. I laugh and then tell them to tough up buttercup.
    2. I console them and feel bad for them.
    3. I feel really bad for them, talk to them and offer to help them.
    4. I don't think too much about it... I just move on with my day.
  24. 24 You see a kid being obnoxious in the Santa greeting line.... do you...

    1. Scream at them that Santa isn't real.
    2. Ignore it and move on with my day.
    3. Shake my head in annoyance and move on.
    4. Go offer to help the parents out or do something proactive to help the situation out.
  25. 25 A cashier gives you a $3 more than they should... do you:

    1. Give it back?
    2. Pocket it.. their mistake!
    3. Think about returning it but keep it.
    4. Give back half of it.
  26. 26 A VERY pregnant person gets on the bus and you're in the last seat that was available... what do you do?

    1. Look the other way as if I didn't see her.
    2. Offer my seat.
  27. 27 Do you Text and Drive?

    1. Yep... always.
    2. Nope... never.
    3. Sometimes but not a lot.
    4. Only at red lights or if I am parked.
  28. 28 Do you have a tramp stamp, Chinese lettering, barbed wire or a tribal tattoo that wraps around your arm?

    1. Yes
    2. No
  29. 29 Do you cuss a lot?

    1. YES
    2. NO
  30. 30 Do you think you're a Douche Bag?

    1. YES
    2. NO

Are you a D-BAG? Take this Quiz & Find Out Now! [QUIZ]

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  1. Quiz result

    You are a Top Tier D-BAG...

    even the devil thinks you're a prick!
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    YIKES, you're almost a full blown douche bag.
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  3. Quiz result

    On your way there of being one!

    You aren't a total ass but you're working on it...
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    You're right in the middle...

    Not sure if that's a good thing or you're just boring!?!
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  5. Quiz result

    You're a pretty decent person!

    Thanks for not being a douche bag!
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    You're an all-around great human!

    GOOD JOB... 100 karma points to you.
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