Are you more like Santa or Scrooge? [QUIZ]

Test your Christmas spirit!

  1. 1 You like going to the family Christmas party?

    1. Heck Yes
    2. Nope
    3. Not really but I go anyways.
    4. It's OK but I just sit and watch TV when I'm there.
  2. 2 A co-worker is collecting for needy kids...

    1. You gladly give up the loot.
    2. You act like you don't see him.
    3. I throw a pencil at them and tell them GTFOH.
    4. If I have some money around, I'll give them some.
  3. 3 Christmas carolers sing outside your house...

    1. You go outside and join them
    2. You jam a Metallica song really loud
    3. I listen from within the house.
    4. I call the cops on them.
  4. 4 You drive by a house with a ton of lights on it...

    1. You nod your head in appreciation
    2. You want to go yank the plug to turn it off
    3. I think it's cool but don't go overboard.
    4. I shake my head and wonder why...
  5. 5 When it comes to presents for your family, you...

    1. spare no expense.
    2. spend no money.
    3. only get gifts for my kids and/or significant other.
    4. spend the least possible.
  6. 6 When you come across Christmas Carolers at the mall, do you

    1. stop and smile as you listen to them.
    2. turn up the volume on your phone and keep walking.
    3. call them names and flip them off.
    4. smile at them as a courtesy but keep walking.
  7. 7 Do you send out Christmas 'cards' (mail or via email)?

    1. Always
    2. Never
    3. Only to close friends and family.
    4. I send them quizzes like this or funny/naughty Christmas themed memes.
  8. 8 How do you act at the Office Christmas Party?

    1. Like a perfect guest.
    2. Like I'm going for the drinking title at a frat house.
    3. I pretend like I like it but leave early.
    4. I mingle and act 'normal.'
  9. 9 Do you decorate your home for Christmas?

    1. Yes a little.
    2. Nope, I don't even have a welcome mat.
    3. OF COURSE! I light the entire community up.
    4. I think it's a waste of electricity.
  10. 10 Of these 4, which is your favorite holiday?

    1. My Birthday
    2. Christmas
    3. Halloween
    4. I don't like Holidays
  11. 11 What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

    1. Family
    2. Getting Loot and Gifts
    3. Giving Gifts
    4. Nothing
  12. 12 If you worked in Santa's workshop... what job would you want?

    1. Santa... I run this show!
    2. Elf, so I can make things for people.
    3. Job? Who needs that!
    4. Security... easy job as who will rob Santa?

Are you more like Santa or Scrooge? [QUIZ]

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  1. Quiz result

    BAH HUMBUG... Christmas Sucks!

    You are more like Scrooge!
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  2. Quiz result

    You're Almost a Scrooge

    Go sing some Christmas Carols now to bump up your Christmas Karma!
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    You are more like an Elf

    You're Right in the Middle.
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    You should change your Facebook Profile to Santa Claus!
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