FNC mixes their schedule up after Megyn Kelly’s exit

Just a couple of quick thoughts on this as I do watch FOX News (as well as other networks).

A Queen's Exit

I wish Megyn Kelly well as she leaves Fox to pursue an opportunity at NBC. 

She implied on her show this week that it's in part due to wanting to be with her young children more... and I'm sure another reason is that NBC gave her an outstanding deal as well... good for her! 

I just hope she doesn't become another hyper partisan hack at NBC and start leaning way left like many of the tools do at NBC and MSNBC. Contrary to what many TrumpBots said about her while she was battling Trump... I find her smart, intelligent and accomplished... and when it comes to politics... she was usually right down the middle without much bias. 

She parts ways with FOX tomorrow (Friday), which will be her last show hosting 'The Kelly File.'

A New Sheriff is in Town

A new show that I have come to like since it recently started is 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' This show, which currently airs weekdays at 7pm est on FOX can be fun to watch and at times informative. Tucker likes to mix it up with opposing views... often with sarcasm.

He has no problem lying in the weeds, appearing to be at least neutral on the subject if not friendly to the guest, only to leap out and verbally smack the opponent... and then laughs at them as they continue to ramble their POV. I find it amusing and quit entertaining... especially when he hammers hyper partisan folks and dopey millennials.

This show is reported to be moving to the 9pm slot that Mrs. Kelly is relinquishing. I think it's a good move for FOX, as Tucker is raking in good ratings and should be able to hold, if not expand on the stellar numbers Megyn had. I do think he needs to work on a few things to make his good show even better.

Some of the people he smokes are bit underwhelming and easy 'prey' and at times he goes after low hanging fruit or menial stuff with them and harps on it... using it as a tool to pummel the poor saps with. At times I find myself yelling at the TV... trying to urge Tucker to go after them on something that I think would be a better point. He also allows some of the guests to bloviate their ideas a bit too much before hammering them... but all in all... I like the show and it holds a spot on my nightly DVR list.

I hope he does well at the time slot and sticks around for awhile.

The Rise of the Young Buck

That leaves the question on who will take the 7pm slot on a permanent basis that will now be empty with the shuffling of the nightly lineup and after Martha MacCallum does her coverage of Trump's first 100 days. 

Martha will initially be taking over Tucker's time slot covering Donald Trump's first 100 days in office but I'm not sure if the show will remain in place and simply shift its focus starting on the 101st day or someone will come in and replace her. I'm pretty sure that a large part of that decision will be based on her ratings. 

I find Martha a capable broadcaster but I haven't really seen her be as compelling in terms of a POV as others on the FNC roster or that we have mentioned in today's post.

The word is Jesse Watters will be filling up that slot when it comes time to filling it on a regular... long-lasting basis. I'm OK with that and I think it's a good 'starter' time slot for him as he gains much needed experience and seasoning before he continues on to bigger things within the FOX family. 

Clearly he is one of FNC's up and coming stars as shown with him being given more and more air time in the past year. He also seems to be personally close with FNC's biggest star... Bill O'Reilly.

I agree with much of Jesse's viewpoints on politics and the world and I find him very 'watchable' in small to medium size doses but there is something about him that I find... for a lack of a better word... annoying at times. I think his skits on 'Watters World' are funny and sometimes clever... and he has done a good enough job when he fills in for Bill... but there is something about Jesse that I would find hard to watch for 60 minutes on a daily basis in a primetime spot. I can't put my finger on it... he just seems a bit immature at times... and to be frank, I don't even think that's the word for it. It's not his views that I have an issue with as I mentioned previously, I align up with most of his... it's something else that I can't seem to articulate.

I do think he is a smart guy... and relatively informed and he does have a POV which are important in the line of work that he does but there is just something in his demeanor and delivery at times that irks me a bit... I can't place my finger on it. I'm not trying to 'hate' on him as I think he has talent and will eventually work it out but I gotta be honest in my assessment.

With that being said, I do hope he gets the 7pm slot and maybe he can work it out. I'm thinking it's just a matter of him fully finding his voice and ironing out the quirks and perhaps he will be ready to eventually replace Bill when Mr. O'Reilly eventually steps down... which I am willing to bet is the longer term gameplan at FNC.


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FNC mixes their schedule up after Megyn Kelly’s exit

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